SMAI Bumper Plate

SMAI Bumper Plate

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SMAI Bumper Plate

Black Bumper Black with steel insert from SMAI. This plate is not a regular grade bumper plate, it is specifically made for Olympic lifting and in specific CrossFit. Bumper plates must be used on a rubber/Plywood lifting platform for warranty purposes.


SMAI Bumper plates are manufactured to the highest quality standard and are suitable for commercial usage in a CrossFit gym as they have been tested to withstand 20,000 drops from overhead. Manufactured from Synthetic rubber with a maximum weight variance of +/- 10 grams, all bumper plates have an exact outer circumference of 450mm which corresponds with international standards and a centre hole diameter of 50.4mm in correspondence with the IWF requirements this ensures a nice fit without movement. Due to the hole being an exact size it is recommended that the bumpers be used only with SMAI or other high quality barbells that have been machined to a maximum collar diameter of 50mm as IWF standard. We recommend that you measure your Olympic bar collars if you already have bars with digital callipers to ensure that your Olympic bar is suitable as we will not refund bumper plates due to this fact arising as this is a Barbell fault.


Bumper plates are warranted for indoor use and must be used on a protective impact absorbing surface such as an Olympic lifting platform or Rubber Gym tiles at a minimum thickness of 15mm. They are not warranted for use on a rigid, uneven surface such as concrete, gravel etc. as this will void warranty.


Misuse will not be warranted.



Michael Pang (Owner of CrossFit Aphesis) Box owner, Head coach, Certified Olympic lifting Instructor

With over a decade’s worth of experience in Weightlifting, we have tried and tested many bumper plates, from IWF Olympic Games Quality to generic bumpers found most often at your local CrossFit Box. We’ve hammered the SMAI Bumper plate range for the past 4 years with zero failures and have found that they are quite simply by far the best value for money plates on the market when it comes to durability, surface finish, tolerance (weight and fit), design and warranty. With a low to medium bounce, no sticky oily residue out of the box, extremely tight weight and design tolerances and a flawless surface finish. In a nutshell the SMAI Bumper plate range is humble, efficient and reliable.