Tatami Jigsaw 40mm

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The SMAI 40mm Jigsaw Mat Korean Style is a great mat for Judo, MMA and all other types of sport that requires throwing and falling from height, offering a strong level of impact protection. The mat has a non-abrasive checkered finish that makes it perfectly suited for any type of martial arts that requires a higher grade of impact protection. All SMAI mats have a shore rating of between 50 – 55 degrees this means that they are perfectly balanced between safety and durability, as all things should be. Mats in this range are more durable than softer mats (below 50) and are safer than the harder mats (above 55). This mat is fully reversible, meaning that if you wish to flip a mat over you do not need to flip the entire matted area over as well.

IMPORTANT: Note that EVA mats may shrink and expand over time so if you are thinking of adding this to mats which are over 6 months old check the sizing of your existing mats for distortion prior to ordering – as mats that have expanded may no longer be exactly compatible and may cause gaps or spacing to occur between connections.

Price is for a single mat measuring 1m x 1m x 40mm.

Product note: all EVA mats are subject to contraction and expansion in extreme temperatures. For example, in tropical areas, and in warehouses that are prone to overheating. To minimize the degree of variance in such conditions, we recommend choosing this 4cm mats over the thinner 2cm mat.

There is a protective coating used for transportation and storage purposes on our EVA mats. This will not affect the quality of the mats, rather prevent any issues during the time period it is held. This will dissipate over time however, we recommend if you wish to clean mats prior to use, to please use warm water and a damp mop/cloth using a PH neutral disinfectant.

  • Composition: EVA
  • Reversible design to be blue or red
  • Edges: 2 pieces per mat included
  • Hardness: 50 degrees shore A
  • Checker pattern finish

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 107 × 107 × 4 cm


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