Focus Mitts Artificial Leather

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Focus Mitts Artificial Leather

The SMAI Focus Mitts Syntec is designed with a durable synthetic construction which makes this an ideal starter option and a club classic favoured among personal trainers. With a light-weight construction, it allows for prolonged use without fatigue. Features a hook and loop closure to ensure a secure and snug fit. The design also helps to protect the hand when performing striking actions due to the enclosed finger aspect. The SMAI Focus Mitts Syntec can be used as a boxing pad, punching pad or in Muay Thai.

Not suitable for professional use.


  • Material: synthetic
  • Light-weight construction
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Height: 42cm
  • Length: 22cm
  • Width: 14cm
  • Weight: 0.443 kg (single mitt)
  • Sold as a pair

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 17 cm


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