Kettlebell Competition

Kettlebell Competition

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Kettlebell Competition

The SMAI Competition kettlebells are manufactured from steel. The SMAI competition kettlebells are all the exact same dimension – only the weight varies.


The SMAI Competition kettlebell definitely has the upper hand over the regular dumbbell with its unique design similar to that of a cannon ball with a handle attached, making it an effective tool when developing advanced proprioception by performing exercises like the high pull which has the same movement pattern as a power clean or the two handed kettle bell swings similar to that of the deadlift. One way that the kettle bell helps to benefit comes from the speed and power required to keep that bell moving which transfers directly to the lift.


Using the SMAI Competition kettlebell is also quite a functional way of training that will have you improving your cardiovascular and functional strength capacity. Some of the more popular exercises performed with the kettlebell include push ups combined with renegade rows, high pulls, one or two handed kettle bell swings, bent over rows and the famous Turkish get-up (the Turkish get-up in essence combines a plank, lunge and bridge in one movement). The Kettlebell is commonly used in the sport of CrossFit whether to help in working on their form for more complex movements, to work on their fitness for an upcoming competition or in a WOD.


The Competition style kettlebell is constructed from steel, powder coated with a polished exterior and painted to identify the weight range.  Unlike the normal cast iron kettlebells there is no need to adjust your technique to accommodate for the change in size as you become stronger and can handle more weight because no matter how heavy the kettlebell is neither the grip diameter or bell size will change.


The SMAI cast iron Kettle bells are cast as a single unit and hand polished to give you an outer surface and handle free of edges or casting marks that is smooth to touch and feel. Handles are suitably wide for double hand usage even on smaller sizes and the branding in terms of the weight denomination and colour coding on the handles is for quick and easy reference in differentiating the weight of the kettle bells.


Powder coated outer surface is very durable and comfortable and will perform well over time and commercial use.