Wall Ball Rack

Wall Ball Rack

Wall Ball Rack

The SMAI Wall ball rack is a very innovative storage solution to get your wall balls and Gym balls off the gym floor and onto the wall out of your way to utilise all your gym space more efficiently and safely by removing trip hazards from your Training Area and placing them safely above head level.

Simply mount the two plates about 2m apart and insert the two 2.3m steel rods at the desired spacing depending on the diameter of the items you wish to store. With items such as wall balls it is possible to store 6 balls across and 2 layers deep to give you efficient storage for up to 12 wall balls.

Please ensure that you have a structural wall such as solid timber, Brick or concrete in order to mount the rack onto prior to purchasing as it is essential.

Wall mounted storage rack -  230cm Length x 60cm Depth

Accessories not included.