About Us

About Us

The idea of Shen Sports started in 2007 when we were looking for a reliable martial arts equipment supplier who was able to offer us products that were suitable for the sport at affordable prices. Coming from different martial arts backgrounds, every staff member provided valuable input regarding our future product range. The need for a wide range of equipment became apparent once we started our market survey, interviewing martial artists all over South Africa. We decided not to focus on a single martial arts style but to cater for as many martial artists as possible. We chose our suppliers according to quality, availability and efficiency. Shen Sports offers a global selection of brands from Europe, Asia and Australia. In addition to that, we also decided to introduce our own house brand.

Initially, Shen Sports started as a warehouse operating company, offering our products via our website and a catalogue. Since 2010 selected items are also available at Mr Price Sport stores across the country, making our products available to everyone in South Africa. In 2014 we moved to bigger premises and added a showroom that allowed our customers a proper look and feel experience.

Many martial artists included elements of the growing CrossFit movement into their training routine which convinced us to offer our customers a wide selection of CrossFit products from 2015 onwards. We will continue in this new market with the same philosophy that we followed since 2007 – Offer high quality products that are suitable for the sport at affordable prices.

We implemented a wholesale price list in 2008 which is exclusive to instructors, resellers and box owners. Please contact us for more information and how to set up a wholesale account.

Nobody is perfect! As our customer, you are the most valued part of our business and your feedback is priceless. We are open to any range enhancements, criticism and appraisals so please feel free to contact us on info@shensports.co.za with your suggestions.